Duck Hunt Pinball Machine By Skit-B Pinball

Hunting for a pinball machine that pays homage to a NES light gun classic? Look no further, friends.

duck hunt pinball by skit-b pinball

Of all the nostalgic things remembered about the NES, Duck Hunt has to be up there with Super Mario Bros., Konami Codes, and blowing cartridges to make them work. Nothing feels more retro-y I dare say, then holding that orange light gun trying to shoot down virtual ducks.

How does that all translate into a pinball version of the game? Well, you might not have ever needed to known such a question as of now, but the pinball wizards of Skit-B Pinball decided to take upon themselves to figure it out with a Duck Hunt pinball game.

And as pictured, their complete efforts are outstanding, like an exact copy of Duck Hunt come to life in Pinball form – minus the NES Zapper, sadly. Skit-B even worked in gameplay mechanics of the real deal with players having to hit two round bumpers in the middle of the playfield to fire at the ducks.

Just don’t lose a ball or that darn, snickering mutt will pop out and mockingly hound (get it!) you to loving pieces on the LCD monitor installed in the back box, which also has a duel purpose of keeping score and showing when you’ve hit ducks – it’s rather cool in motion!

That is pretty impressive craftsmanship. And if you’d like to inquire Skit-B Pinball for their services to make a machine for you, be sure to visit their homepage to find out how. Don’t forget to stay on Walyou while you’re at it to inquire about Super Mario Bros. lamps and 22 amazing fan-made movie posters.