10 Super Creepy & Old Dutch Work Safety Posters

Over the years, and especially during the first half of the 20th century, safety was a big deal in the Netherlands, resulting in some freakishly scary safety posters, made form the stuff that gives you nightmares.

Where I’m from, there’s a saying that goes like this: Safety instructions were written in blood, which means there were some pretty gruesome accidents during the early 20’s in Amsterdam and other Dutch cities.

Warning – Electric Eels are Dangerous (From 1925)

Safety Poster

Death seems to be waiting behind for those not careful when they handle electricity.

Gases Coming From the Exhaust Pipe Will Kill You

Exhuast Pipe Death

Fire is Dangerous Too

Don't Close the Door

Especially if the emergency door is blocked.

Watch Your Hands (1940)

Danger Saws

The Scaffold of Death (1925)

The Scaffold of Death

Can be avoided if you use safety bets.

More Automobile Dangers (1942)

More Car Dangers

Carbon Monoxide, an insidious threat to careless mechanics.

Drills & Ties Don’t go Together

Drills & Ties

Apparently, in the Netherlands, these two are Archenemies.

Matches are Evil (1967)

Evil Matches

Accidents Happen

Accidents Happen

According to Google Translate, deduction leads to accidents.

Watch Out, Your Eyes Might be Next

Watch your eyes

But I must admit, that one eyed look seems pretty freakin’ cool.