6 Great Gifts for Your Star Wars Fan

Your daughter requests Leia buns every morning. Your best friend always greets you with, “You’re a little short for a stormtrooper.” Your cousin knows the Christmas Special inside and out.

In life, some people like Star Wars, and others live it. For those that accept the Force as a mystical ideal, know that scum & villainy refers to a hotbed of alien criminals and not the ring around the bathtub, and those in your life that accept Star Wars as a deep mythos rather than a pop culture snack, birthdays provide a special opportunity to give them something special to honor their favorite fictional universe. Except for your cousin, that guy’s crazy.

Star Wars Gifts 1

Star Wars: The Blueprints

J.R. Wrinzler’s magnificent compilation of schematics, production notes, on set photos takes Star Wars lovers straight into the heart of the creative process of the films. In rarely seen detail, readers get to trace the origins of the carbon freezing chamber, R2-D2 and a TIE fighter.

The large format original signed and numbered run of 5000 printed by Epic Ink sold out, however a less expensive edition of the text printed by 43North still remains available for sale. The contents contain 250 blueprints, 500 stills, and a veritable microscope into the artistic and technical side of the world that enchants and inspires so many.

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite IPhone Case

Few moments in cinematic history hold the same emotional cache as Han Solo getting frozen in carbonite. The John Williams score swells, Leia whimpers, and the wookiee howls as Han takes one for the team by being solidified into stasis for package and delivery to Jabba the Hutt.

This clever iphone Case available on Etsy captures the moment perfectly and makes a great accessory to give for your smartphone addicted teen or best friend.

Black Milk Leggings

Black Milk offers a host of hot Star Wars bathing suits, dresses, and leggings. The success of the original Artoo bathing suit inspired the Australian company to produce a full line of original trilogy inspired garb. The Chewie & Han leggings offer the opportunity to thank that certain someone for being a great co-pilot.

Funko Rebel Pilot Headphones

If your best friend goes by the name DJ Porkins, consider grabbing a pair of these excellent headphones with a rebel scum color scheme and aesthetic in mind.  Boba Fett and Vader sets provide an alternative for music lovers who embrace the dark side.

Star Wars Gifts 2

Yoda Welcome Mat

Perfect for a housewarming gift this mat is. When welcoming friends to a new home syntax important is not. Honor Master Yoda by placing him at your front door you will.

Personalized Jewelry

Choosing customized jewelry makes a savvy way to gift Star Wars fans. Head to the nearest jeweler to get a ring engraved with “Scruffy Looking” or “I Know” or “I Don’t Like You Either”. This speaks volumes in a few etched words your loved one can keep close by. Personal Creations offers a wide variety of customization options on jewelry and other gifts at their full site. You can even order a bracelet for your daughter inscribed with “Leia” for her birthday. That is her name after all!

Whether you choose one of these options or hunt down an original French affiche for Le Guerre de Etoiles or replace your cousin’s action figures your aunt sold for 10¢ at a garage sale in 1985, choose to be bold in your Star Wars giving.

Ahem, may the force be with you.