WTF Of The Day: Air Conditioned Shoes

Every once  in a while we come across a new “invention” that just makes us say WTF! So here is the latest one we came across with.

If you are one of the few who just can’t bear the summer heat, perhaps this next gizmo is for you, now you can say “bye-bye” to stinky feet, with these air-conditioned shoes by Chiyoda.

Air Conditioned Shoes

These refreshing cool breeze shoes for men (Just to be clear, no self-respecting woman would even try these) can be yours for around $78.00. Although the shoes special design should be able to keep your feet cool and dry at those hot summer days, the air vents come with a price,  due to it’s structure and air vents water may come in as well as sand and dust… hmmmm. The shoes are available in a number of different colors.

Air Conditioned Shoes 1

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Via Technabob & Bitrebels