Straight From E3 2014: PS Vita TV to hit US stores in the fall

It’s official: Sony’s PS Vita TV is not a Japan exclusive any more, and from this fall onwards America will be able to enjoy the latest Sony console.


These news just in, straight from Sony’s E3 2014 conference. The PS Vita is not a Japan exclusive any longer, as Sony confirmed that the console will be released from the American public. The PS Vita TV is meant to take the PS Vita experience to TV screens everywhere, but at the same time allow streaming from a PS4 to a second TV without having to buy a second console. That’s not all, as the PS Vita TV will be able to play most PSN games, PSOne classics, and everything playable on the PSP & Vita bare a few exceptions (probably the games using touch screen controls or gyroscopes, we imagine, so no Tearaway or Gravity Rush).

The price of the PS Vita TV will be of $99 USD, while a special bundle including a Dualshock 3 and an online code for the LEGO The Movie game will retail at $139 USD, which is fantastic value. We await further clarification when it comes to other regions such as Europe, or Latin America.

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