Metal Globe BBQ Conveys a Contradictory Green Message

Everyone knows the grim reality of global warming and climate change that awaits mankind and our planet, but somehow we are still very complacent and over consuming resources thanks to our modern lifestyle needs. Here is an intelligent Metal Globe BBQ grill design created by Australian studio Goldenhen, it conveys the grim environmental message very strongly indeed!

globe bbq grill design

The design of Metal Globe BBQ is simple and smart. A resused metal globe hides grilling equipment within it and it is fitted with a handle and stand. Unless one lifts the upper hemisphere of globe, one wouldn’t even know there is a BBQ grill inside. The intention of the Metal Globe BBQ Grill design is very clear but it really rubs in reality too hard for not many people would like to be reminded of grim environmental realities while digging into awesome grilled platter in a barbeque party.

Nevertheless, it is a very symbolic design which will help environmentalists and activists give direct demonstration of effects of rising temperatures on life thriving on this planet.

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Via: Inhabitat