Charge Your USB Devices With the Unique Solar Vox

As being “green” becomes more and more important with every passing day, recycling alone just won’t cut it. Cleaning up our power heavy lifestyles is a must. We know the benefits of using solar technology but we’ve only seen it used practically in limited cases. But, what if solar power could be both practical and helpful in more ways than just one? The Solar Vox personal USB charger hopes to be just that.

The first thing that should be noted is that the Solar Vox USB charger is just a prototype at this point. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not a plausible device.

Solar Vox USB Charger Front

The Solar Vox is an environmentally friendly way to charge all of your USB devices. Your devices plug in using a USB chord and sit in a little tray underneath the solar panel that sits above. The device has no proprietary cables and even uses user replaceable batteries. Standard AAs to be exact. The device will also sport a design that will make assembling and disassembling it a breeze.

Solar Vox USB Charger

The problem many solar devices face is the ability to effectively gather the solar energy. The Solar Vox combats this problem by featuring a design that allows it to be tilted. By tilting the device toward the incoming solar energy, you can ensure that your own devices are getting the charging they need. The Solar Vox can be tilted at four different angles: 0, 30, 70 and 90 degrees. The solar panel itself is even designed to last as long as possible: over ten years.

Solar Vox Angles

As stated above though, this device is just a prototype. But, all hope isn’t lost. By clicking the source link you can pledge money to Eric and Jim to help bring this device to life. You’ll even gain some cool bonuses based on how much you pledge. For example, a pledge of $500 will get you a limited edition Solar Vox signed by the two creators, a second signed regular Solar Vox, an extra set of batteries, a Solar Vox t-shirt and dinner in Detroit with the two creators.  Not bad for $500.

This certainly isn’t the first we’ve seen of practical solar technology. This great solar power speaker design is definite stand out while this Sony solar powered media player shows that even the big companies are paying attention.

Via: Kickstarter