On Earth Day, Nest Thermostats Are on Sale on Google Play

A bit over three months have passed since Nest Labs was acquired by Google, and now their products are already on the search giant’s Play Store.

Google has been an important supporter of renewable energy, and the company’s investments in this field are proof of that. The acquisition of Nest in January only emphasized the search giant’s great concern for our planet, so it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that Earth Day was chosen for launching the Nest Thermostat on Play Store.

Nest’s Yoky Matsuoka pointed out in a blog post that “In honor of Earth Day, we’re excited to announce that we’ve crunched the numbers and come to a pretty amazing conclusion: for the majority of our customers, the Nest Thermostat can become carbon neutral in just eight weeks. For some customers, it can take as little as two weeks.”

She also expressed her enthusiasm regarding the impact of the learning thermostats on the world, as well as the potential of these little gadgets: “We are incredibly proud of the positive impact Nest has had so far, but our work isn’t done. We’re also setting a new goal for ourselves. By next Earth Day, we hope Nest Thermostat schedules around the world can save the energy equal to the annual amount of CO2 absorbed by a forest 50 times the size of Manhattan. But together we think we can reach that goal and make next year’s Earth Day all the greener.”

On Google’s Play Store, the Nest Thermostat is now placed right under the Nexus devices. This might be a clear sign that Google has great plans for its new acquisition, and that true smart homes could become a reality in the not-so-distant future. The device carries a price tag of $249, which is not that much, if you come to think about how much a Nest Thermostat can help you save in the long run.

As usual, one major downside about selling Google products on Play Store is the limited availability of said devices. The Nest Thermostat will only be available in a few selected countries, while the inhabitants of the others will have to pay extra to get their mittens on such products. Hopefully, Google will take measure about that soon and will adjust the availability of its gadgets.

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