Sphinx Tablet Dock Is a Functional Solution for Workplaces

Who said that tablets are only for gaming? These little gadgets are real life savers in work environments (in certain contexts), and the Sphinx dock improves their functionality even more.

The Sphinx tablet dock uses cloud platforms and remote desktop integration to virtualize input devices. All this is done in order to enable tablet users to use such peripherals as mice and keyboards. After years of using desktop PCs or even notebooks, being as quick at something as when using full-fledged peripherals is quite a challenge for tablet owners.

Dock2Office’s CTO Leendert van der Plas explained that “The unique thing we are doing is connecting mouse and keyboard (and additional devices in future) directly to remote computer (through the cloud). So there is no direct interconnection between tablet, mouse and keyboard. Our solution also works with iPad, which has no options to connect mouse (iOS does not support mouse.”

Van der Plas added that “All existing docking stations for tablets are only to power them, all devices (mostly keyboards) which can be used with tablets are using some type of direct connection (Bluetooth mostly). The Sphinx is mainly developed for use with remote computing solutions. This can be your own PC, but in business environment this is mostly a Windows Terminal, VDI or Daas environment.”

Splashtop, Teamviewer, LogmeIn, PocketCloud, Microsoft Remote Desktop and Real VNC are only some of the remote desktop apps that work with Dock2Office’s Sphinx. Most important, van der Plas emphasized that the lag is barely perceptible, which makes using the Sphinx dock a real pleasure.

What claims to be the world’s first intelligent tablet dock is currently a project on Kickstarter, so the mass production of this gadget is not yet a certainty. Backing the project with $145 will help people secure a Sphinx Lite for themselves, assuming that the project gets funded. When these and the ones reserved to the Early Birds are gone, people will have to pay $185 for the dock, which is quite a steep price, even considering its revolutionary functionality.

The Dutch developers of the Sphinx intelligent tablet dock had at press time 31 more days to reach the $150K goal. Whether it will do so or not depends on whether people will think that the device is worth the price.

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