An iPad Cover Made from Eco-Friendly Coconut Fibre

Very few trees can boast about being as versatile as the tall, graceful coconut tree. The economies of the countries like Philippines thrive extensively on the products derived from coconut. And in times like these when everyone is crying foul about chemicals and environmental crisis, using various parts of the coconut tree- like its husk, coir, leave, bark etc. is a great way to go green. To show that the humble coconut fibres has evolved with times, what better way than using them to make a cover for one of the best inventions in the field of information technology- the iPad. So here’s presenting to you- the Econut iPad cover.

With other seemingly cooler things to make a cover with for the iPad, you probably never thought that one made out of coconut fibres would look so fine. The texture is a dream to feel and the design is extremely elegant and innovative. Young and upcoming Korean designers, Cho Youg-jo and Jeoung Jun-tae, have done a remarkable job and put their eco-initiative into action by bringing out the Econut iPad cover design. The motto behind this product is- ‘From Nature. To Nature.’ It is completely biodegradable and yet, boasts of a long-life and durability.

But what sets this one apart from the other environmentally friendly products in the market today, is the cool logic with which it has been designed. Its functionality and practical uses in day to day use as a protective cover for the iPad tablet computer is the key point of its potential. To use the Econut iPad cover, the iPad needs to slip into place in the pocket that has been provided for it. The cover extends on either side of this compartment. On one side is a wing that can be folded and used to keep the pouch containing the iPad propped up and on the other is a keyboard which can be used as an accessory to the iPad. It is presumed that it connects using Bluetooth or a similar wireless connection method.

Seems like the Econut iPad cover is finally bridging the gap between being a gadget freak and an environmentalist! Available in red, green, white and yellow hues, it is sure to be a hit. We think it is perfect for your African Blackwood iPad.

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