InONE all-in-one computer

There has been so much clutter on the computer scene for a while now. From tablet computers to smart phones, companies have released everything in the past few months of information technology revolution. But critics of these gadgets have continued to be harsh about them. Well none of these latest introductions seem to be versatile. While some hinder multitasking, others continue to be inefficient. Users end up having to purchase and utilize multiple gadgets to do a single task, instead of having the option to use a single one that has it all sorted. But that is all a thing of the past now.

The InONE will be the first truly all-in-one computer in the market, when it is actually done. It has an absolutely seamless design that supports completely wire-free operation and other such cool, innovative applications. For instance, if you choose to draw or write something, you can do so without a glance at the screen. It is all displayed on the very tablet itself! The concept is reflected through the details of the design and there is sure to be an up gradation facility in this product, which has been a consistent complaint about all-in-one computers in the past.

What has got the community buzzing about this one are its ravishing looks. This beauty is one to look out for. The design is futuristic and the entire community looks forward to just as competitive tech specs to go with it. The keyboard flaunts an interesting design that seems easy to use as well. Though a lot of people seem to have mistaken it for a laptop at first sight, it is actually an all-in-one. This would be a noticeable aspect once the InONE hits markets for real. The performance and resolution will be markedly higher than most laptops.

The InONE features a 22-inch display, which beats out the other top players in the all-in-one desktop game; keyboard as well as a touchpad. It also keeps in step with the latest craze of touch-screens and sensory intelligence, an in-built set of powerful, digital stereo speakers and digital tablet. Did we mention that these are all rolled into one single piece of technology? It goes without saying that the InONE all-in-one computer sports other regular features such as wireless connectivity. Now the only step forward is to take people’s breath away by turning the blooming concept which holds much promise into an actual product. We keep our fingers crossed for the InONE all-in-one.

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Via: Yanko Design