Boba Fett Meets Spartan Warrior Helmet

Here is a trivia question to all die-hard Star Wars fans that will test the depth of your knowledge: What is a striking similarity the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett shares with the fearless Spartan warriors of the movie 300? Come to think about it, the two have many things in common. Boba Fett is a skilful assassin who is much feared in the Republic; the Spartan warriors carried a similar air of mystery and fear that led to many victories on the battlefield.The answer is a simple one; an accessory that helped both, Boba Fett and the Spartan Warriors, create a halo of danger and mystery around them. If you are scratching your head for an answer then you are pointing in the right direction because the thing common to Fett and the warriors of Sparta is the hooded helmet.

The most feared assassin of the Star Wars universe and one of the most fearless armies to have ever walked the Earth sported similar looking helmets that were central to their attire. Artist Jon Wollack who plies his trade at Almost Dark Productions picked up on this nitty-gritty and created a handmade helmet.

The handmade helmet is a beautiful mix of edgy design and art. What would catch the immediate attention of the reader is the fine detailing of the helmet.  The helmet has purposely designed with a ‘worn out’ motif represented by dents and tiny cracks on the hood of the helmet along with chipped edges. The motif is carried forward by the paint job too with color ‘scrapped off’ in some particular places.

The helmet stays close to its original inspiration with the body shape of the helmet and color tones used. A military green color covers most of the helmet with brown used to highlight the central portion of the hood. Black has been used to border the bottom portion of the helmet.

A transparent visor, colored green, is attached behind the central part of the helmet. The artist has been innovative with the overall design of the helmet. The realistic rendition of the helmet coupled with the creative use of the ‘worn out’ motif is testament to this fact.

The Boba Fett meets Spartan warrior helmet may just become a prized possession for Star Wars fans if the designer decides to sell it. So far, there has been no word on the selling bit. For now, we need to be content just taking in the visceral beauty of the helmet.

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