Eco Noise: Sound Barriers Just Got Hot

If you are a city dweller noise pollution must be a well known experience. If you reside in one of those areas that are undergoing development or renovation then you cannot escape the din created by the huge machines. The sad part is that you do not have any option but to try to avoid it as far as possible. At the most you can close the windows to cut off the noise to some extent. Associated with this is yet another negative aspect, the ugly picture that the site lends to the city. Altogether the construction site is a major source of menace for all neighboring dwellers and passers by.

The scene may change in your favor if all goes well with the new Eco Noise project initiated by Li-Te Lo, Song-Jung Chen, Tai-Yen Lee, Hao-Ting Lin and Chun-Wei Hsu of Shih Chien University, Taiwan. This project all about giving relief from the constant construction noise as well as create a presentable picture of the site.

It is interesting to know how this works. The idea is to fence the entire construction area with special types of tiles which have a piezoelectric layer embedded inside. This special layer is capable of absorbing the sound created and converting it into energy. When sound passes through this layered fence it is shaken thereby generating electric current. This current is then used to power up an OLED display which is visible on the outside of the fence. Once lit up the fence can serve as a source of light to the surroundings and can also be used for display of advertisements and messages.

The project is named Eco Noise and it proves to be eco friendly in a great way. Not only does it help control levels of pollution but also serves as a great display area for the city. It comes as a boon to all city dwellers as nothing can be more pleasing than enjoying the peace at home, sans noise.

Noise, as is known by all, is a great hazard to ones health. It leads to hearing loss, cardiovascular problems, loss of attention, sleep disorders, underperformance at work to name a few. The more it can be avoided and tackled the better. It might not always be possible to control noise everywhere but if there is a solution to control it might as well be adopted. Eco Noise, if turned to reality, will be surely presenting itself as a promising product to all those who wish to control sound decibels in areas of excessive noise.

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