Make Gadget Loving Geek Babies With Vinci

The tablet has been widely accepted by all and is one of the most desired gadgets to toy around with. When everyone is busy with one why leave the child out? Vinci, the interactive learning touch screen tablet is one of the most technologically advanced products that has been designed just for babies with only one motive – inspire the genius in them.

When selecting a product for a child the basic things that a parent would look for would be safety, durability, knowledge enhancing, skill building and fun to have. It may or may not be possible to have all in one product, but Vinci is one that guarantees everything.

Vinci is an interactive tablet which is encased in a durable material that runs all along the tablet. So when you hand over the tablet to your baby you know that it is absolutely safe in his hands. In fact your baby can also chew on it as it has been made with the safest materials suited for little ones. The Vinci is not only safe on the material side but also on the technological side. Since it is free from a WiFi connection there are minimal radio emissions. Once you are assured of the safety factor you can go on to explore the product with peace of mind.

With Vinci you can introduce your child to different aspects and skills of life like social interaction, music, dance, recognition, rapid feedback, sorting, listening and much more. And this is all possible due to the applications stored on the tablet. Do not confuse this with any other tablet as this one is especially for babies with stories, music, learning activities. It does have a 3 mega pixel camera and is capable of playing videos as well. So you can click photos for your baby and your baby and develop self recognition. Every applications and activity loaded on to Vinci is imperative to be developed in the growing years of the baby and once you have helped your child so do you can see a genius growing before you.

It won’t be surprising to know that the project was initiated by a mom and hence does give assurance of being a well thought out and planned product. No one knows a child better than a mom and if she comes up with a product for children is bound to be based on first hand experiences which are better equipped to understand the child and its needs. A Vinci for your child is a gift that will help shape his life.

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