Ecological shower recycles its own water

The planet can’t be saved overnight and sustainability is hard, yet with more inventions like these, we’re already halfway there.

Recycle Shower

Can you imagine showering with water that you’ve already used to shower before? Sounds nasty, right? Yet turns out it isn’t, and it’s an incredibly clever system that both saves water and ensures the users don’t have to smell unpleasant, by recycling its own water.

This shower is the creation of Orbital Systems in cooperation with NASA, and you can remove that imagery of dirty water running through your body now. These systems filter the water each and every time before it gets to the user again. The interchangeable cartridges ensure that the water stays clean and that users get an even cleaner water than the one that comes out of the tap.

Each cartridge costs as little as $25(USD), which is good for some 7,900 gallons of water. The initial cost, that of the shower itself, though, is some $4,000 for a floor integrated model or $5,000 – expensive, but not entirely out of reach. And, if the claims of saving 90% of the water and 80% of the energy one would normally use are true, one might even end up saving money by the end.

Via Technabob

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