Samsung to cut down on bloatware on upcoming Android models

With the upcoming Galaxy S6 in the horizon Samsung has made public that they plan to strip their TouchWiz interface of some of its default programs.

Samsung Galaxy no bloatware

The cool thing about smart devices is that, when it comes to them, it’s always users who are in control. Precisely because of that it is quite annoying when users find their devices come with preloaded apps, chosen by the manufacturers: whether we need them or not, we’d like to be the judges. Samsung are aware of this, and that is why the next version of their TouchWiz interface will feature less preloaded programs and allow more user customization. The Korean giant has reported that the next TouchWiz will not feature any of Samsung’s built in applications, but bundle instead some essentials such as Skype, Office Mobile, and OneDrive.

The Galaxy S6 will be shown to the world at the Unpacked event on March 1. We know for a fact it will feature TouchWiz (the unique interface Samsung set on top of Android) as to differentiate itself from its competitors, but instead of including bloatware users will get to choose for themselves. They will still be available at the marketplace, so it’s not like they’re going anywhere, though.

Samsung had a rough year in 2014, with profits going down and hard competition popping up everywhere, even in key zones they used to be in control of. That is why this Unpacked event is so important, and there is so much focus on the user, the Korean giant is fighting hard to earn back their lost goodwill.

Via Cnet

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