Elbee Wireless Earphones Need Just a Head Tilt to Control Playback

There are plenty of wireless earphones out there that still rely on buttons to control playback, but when your hands are busy, a product such as the Elbee headphones, which rely on head gestures and voice commands to skip the tracks, may determine you to see things from a different perspective.

LBTECH, the Newark, DE-based company that designed and manufactured the Elbee wireless earphones, didn’t only think of people with busy hands when developing this product. In fact, Elbee earphones are great for anyone looking into convenient products that help them save time.

Here is LBTECH’s description of the Elbee wireless earphones:

“The Elbee integrates the best speaker technology currently available with a balanced armature speaker, providing great sound reproduction with a full range response. In order to provide crystal-clear sound in any circumstance, each earpiece incorporates an advanced noise cancelation algorithm and two dedicated microphones.

Smart wireless in-ear stereo headphones that allow you to enjoy high-quality sound and the ability to access and control your smartphone with simple voice commands and slight head movements. The Elbee headphones have a sweat-resistant design and are comfortable to wear as they have been fitted with silicon earbuds, designed using a patented technology that ensures secure fit and comfort. To ensure the perfect fit, the Elbee comes with three different earbud sizes: small, medium and large.”

As mentioned in their description, the Elbee earphones can be controlled either using buttons, voice commands or head gestures. Fortunately, controlling playback in Spotify and several other apps is not the only thing that can be done using any of these three. Summoning the voice assistant is possible both on Android and iOS, along with answering or declining calls, redialing, and calling the favorites. Elbee earphones can also be used for home automation systems, sending predefined texts and launching navigation apps. Not at last, the earphones sport noise cancellation, which can be turned on in noisy environments in order to increase the wearer’s comfort.

LBTECH is currently looking to raise $250,000 on Kickstarter, so that the Elbee wireless earphones with smart functions enter mass production. Assuming that the campaign hits that funding goal by November 21, anyone who has pledged $149 as a super early bird, $169 as a very early bird, or $189 as an early bird or regular backer, should expect to receive their kit either in December 2016 or January 2017. The retail price is supposed to be $269, so that’s a serious discount you’re getting by backing the project while it’s being crowdfunded.

However, there are several things that could prevent Elbee from being a major success. First of all, the funding goal is rather high for a pair of earphones. Secondly, the product itself is quite pricey, and for that kind of money some would rather find an alternative. Not at last, with an estimated delivery either in December 2016 or January 2017, chances are that a lot of more affordable products will be launched in the meantime, causing backers to get frustrated when receiving the product. Unless, of course, they’re backing these wireless earphones for their uniqueness.

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