Earin Earphones Ditch the Cord, Go Completely Wireless

Mobile music lovers hate wires, and that’s a fact! If they loved them, they would stay at home, hanging at the edge of their seats, with a pair of gigantic wired headphones connected to their reel-to-reel tape recorder.

Malmö, Sweden-based Earin is a company that means to revolutionize how wireless headphones look and work, by miniaturizing them. The tube-shaped carrying case that the Earin buds come in could be easily mistaken for a keychain, and these in-ear headphones for sound blockers. Instead, they represent a creative solution for

As Earin’s Olle Linden pointed out, “Wires (are) always the first point of irritation with headphones. They are in the way, create sound when touching your clothes or cheek, and get pulled out of my ears whenever I am on the move.”

Linden also admits that what inspired him to create these in-ear headphones was the “Definitely Maybe” flick that featured Ryan Reynolds walking down the street with a pair of wireless earphones, while listening what he claimed to be “the soundtrack of a perfect day.” Since plenty of Star Trek technology is available nowadays, why not allow a Ryan Reynolds movie be the inspiration for new products? Linden started working on this concept in 2008, and today we get to see his dream become a reality.

The main question about these wireless earphones is how good is their sound quality. If it’s not that great, then maybe it’s worth having some cables that are in the way, if with that also comes better sound quality. Other than that, they definitely look great, and are pretty inconspicuous. Best of all, you can fall asleep while wearing them, provided that the music you’re listening to is appropriate for REM.

Some people also noticed that one thing the Earin wireless earphones are is easy to lose. They do pack cutting-edge technology, but they’re quite easy to misplace, even when placed in that bullet case.

Earin is currently featured on Kickstarter, where its creators have already raised almost double the £179,000 they were asking for mass producing these tiny wireless earphones. You still have 36 more days to secure a pair of Earin wireless earphones for the equivalent of $134. As wireless headphones go, these are on the expensive side of things, but the hi-tech that was put into them might well be worth it.

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