Apple to Launch Three More iPads in the Next Year?

As if there couldn’t be more versions of Apple products available on store shelves, the company reportedly have three new versions of the iPad in production.

iPad mini image

Quite possibly the only thing that’s better than a high quality, premium gadget is having plenty of options of it. If you don’t get a choice in specs, then a choice in colours is great and if not a choice in the various shades of ‘platinum gloss or matte’ then differing sizes are also a plus. Apple love to use this to wring every ounce of money out of the market’s lucrative dishrag which is why the tech behemoth are preparing to launch three new kinds of iPad by mid-2014.

The first of these new versions of iPad and the one that’s been making the most waves recently is the super-slim iPad mini, one of two miniscule Apple tablets that’s rumoured to be in the works. The current iPad mini offers up a beautiful 1024×768 resolution, sat underneath the device’s 7.9-inch display and token fingerprint magnet. When the latest iPad mini ships, it will reportedly cut the heft and “bulk” (though that’s a loose term considering just how ‘mini’ the iPad mini already is) and will have a far slimmer design. So expect this super lightweight iPad mini to enter the ring sometime in the second half of 2013.

Up next is yet another iPad mini, because Apple seem to think that consumers just can’t get enough of small-screen tablet gaming. This next iPad mini has apparently been in the works for some time but talk about it is re-emerging once more as sources have revealed that the device has been delayed. It all comes down to the fact that this other iPad mini is meant to launch with a glitzy Retina display, but Apple are having trouble implementing it. This iPad mini is also set to launch with the newly announced iOS7 software, so look out for it in early 2014.

Finally, the largeness of the normal iPad takes centre stage. While not much is known about this new iPad, we do know that Apple are hoping to fit the A7 processor under its hood, making it one of the fastest tablets available out there.

Apple have yet to formally announce these products but we’ll keep you posted as soon as they do.

Source : cnet

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