Boxx: A Tiny Electric Bike

If you don’t want to drive and you live in a crowded city, you could have some challenges getting around. The Boxx electric bike, made by the namesake Boxx Corporation, offers a compact solution.

Like the name suggests, it’s a 1 meter tall, 36 inches high bike that folds up into a compact box that fits comfortably inside a car trunk. You could also take it with you on a bus or subway or any other form of public transportation, if you’re up to lifting 120 pounds. It’s available in several colors and folds up when you’re not riding it.

Series of Boxx bikes

The CORE module gets you 40 miles on a single charge and takes only an hour to get a full charge, and the CORE 2 nets you 80 miles on a single charge. Both of these should be more than adequate if you’re only going short distances. You’ll only be able to go from 28-35 miles per hour depending on your region, but that’s reasonable on a city street.

If you decide to do a little shopping, you’ll get two small bins which should hold two bags, as well as a glove compartment.

The Boxx costs $3995, but considering that it’s much cheaper than most new cars, it’s not that bad of a price to pay.

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