PowerTrekk: Portable Power Source Runs on Water

If you are tired of your phone going dead and have little patience for solar powered chargers, then you are going to love myFC’s PowerTrekk. All you need is a little bit of water, and you are good to go.

myFC is a Swedish company that is at the forefront of flexible fuel technologies. Their newest product, PowerTrekk, is a portable device that can charge your phone, laptop or camera in addition to working as a power source for lamps or flashlights. All you need is a tablespoon of water, and it will provide approximately 10 hours of battery life for your phone.

MyFc, in partnership with Nolato, a high-tech developer and manufacturer that specializes in polymer product systems, have developed a way to use the chemical reaction between sodium silicide and water to create hydrogen gas, which acts as an energy source. Sodium silicide, a chemical powder manufactured by SiGNa Chemistry, is greener than batteries, as it only emits a little water vapor as it converts hydrogen into electricity, and is more convenient than solar powered chargers as it works in any weather condition you might find yourself in, without the hassle of waiting for the sun to charge your charger.

So how does it work? According to myFC, a fuel cell is an electrochemical device that transforms the chemical energy of a fuel (in this case hydrogen) and an oxidant (oxygen) into electrical energy. The hydrogen and oxygen react “at two different electrodes – the anode and the cathode – and are separated by an electrolyte that transmits ions (e.g. H+, OH- etc.) from one electrode to the other”. So what does this mean? The chemical reaction produces something similar to a battery, except the fuel cell will run as long as hydrogen and oxygen are available. As the PowerTrekk uses a PowerPukk, which is roughly the size and shape of a hockey puck and contains sodium silicide, all you need to do is add about one tablespoon of water to make the PowerTrekk work. With the PowerTrekk costing approximately $250 (£165) and PowerPukks being rather inexpensive (roughly $2.50), you could feasibly carry with you several days worth of power for a rather affordable price.

The PowerTrekk has a USB port, so all you need is a USB cable, water and a USB compatible gadget, and you will be able to begin charging immediately. Its portability and ease of use make the PowerTrekk the perfect possession for geek that likes to go off the grid. So next time you want to go camping, you won’t have to choose between power outlets and the scenic route.