2-Way Emergency Flashlight: Shedding a Light Upon Both Sides of the Darkness

Walking in the dark is no easy task. If there is even a little light it helps but when its pitch black, movement becomes impossible. The only thing that can come to your rescue then would be a flashlight. A flashlight is something that can show the path ahead and guide you along the way. But a normal flashlight has one problem. It throws rays of light right in front of you in the direction that you are walking but does not help you see where you are stepping. You may have the road ahead lit up well for you but might still be likely to stumble upon something. What do you do then?

The normal practice in this situation would be to keep changing positions of your flashlight. Once you direct it in front and next you try to watch your step. This is the only way out! Though it can become cumbersome after a point but do you really have another option?

An easy and convenient way to walk in the dark has been found out by designer Junwon Yang. The Emergency Flashlight designed by Yang will prove to be your best companion in the dark. It is no ordinary flashlight as it has the ability to light up the path before you as well as the spot you are walking on. This two-way torch has lighting elements on both ends which makes it different from all other kinds of torches.

Yang, like all of us, knows the difficulties that one has to face when treading in the dark and the dangers it poses. Dangers can be both in the form of harmful creatures and the things lying on the way. To counter the threat of stumbling upon objects he designed this Emergency Flashlight that can light up both necessary areas. The light source at the back of the torch is angled at 45 degrees, an angle at which the light directly falls on every step you take. This gives you two fields of vision in the otherwise pitch black area.

The concept of this torch is not a very outlandish one and can be related to any other flashlight available. The only difference it holds is in the form of the two light sources. It has an LED bulb both in the front and at the back and uses two normal batteries. The simple on and off button is easy to use that even a child can operate.

Accidents happen in emergency situations. The best that one can do is to be prepared and the Emergency Flashlight does help in its own way.

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