MadBot Flashlight Toy Design

One of the greatest inventions in the last century has been the robot. Robots have mostly been used for the purpose of entertainment.

However, robotic technology is now used in a variety of settings including medicine, engineering and even astronomy. With that in mind, we should know that there is a great future for robots and robotic toys as well. In fact, robotic toys are some of the most sold products according to certain commercial surveys.

Vic Pramono is an industrial designer and a 3D illustrator who has just released a conceptual ‘MadBot’. The MadBot is a flashlight toy which could be used as a gift to someone or even as a toy within the home.

The MadBot seems to light up in strategic parts of its body so that it glows in the dark and offer a faint light just enough to ward off the darkness that may not be pleasant to certain people. In my opinion, the MadBot is just a light emitting device that could be used in the bedroom so that if you are really afraid of the dark, you could know and stay assured that MadBot is glowing and watching over you in the darkness.

However this is my assumption and the designer has not really mentioned what the MadBot could do. When designers do not reveal what their concepts can do, industrial design fans can only ponder and make assumptions about the concepts’ capabilities like I just did now.

Nevertheless, MadBot seems like a really nice toy that could be used a s a gift or a showpiece once it is manufactured. The question however is, would it ever be manufactured, or would it remain a concept forever? If this disappoints you, you could take a look at other robotic toys like the Ping Pong Paddle Robot. The Tennis Playing Robots are pretty cool too. The Kinect Playing Robots would appeal to the gamers.