VizLingo Translates Text to Video Autistic-ly

Internet can be a crazy place, and one of the examples that I could give today is VizLingo. This web applicatio0n allows you to type short messages that get translated into short video montages that do not really make any sense.

For instance, I typed “My doppelganger has been driving me violently crazy all day long.” and that translated into an almost bizarre video which picked up images for each word that I typed and translated them into a sort of video montage that lasted for about 6 seconds.

Sure, this did get me interested for almost 17 minutes but then I guess it really is meant for a generation that has a very short attention span and can’t really concentrate more than a few seconds. VizLingo is a New York based company that has received an astounding $1.8 million in venture funding, which is quite bizarre if you asked me. As far as I can see it, it is fun to play around with for a few minutes but that is all it can hold my attention for.

It beats me how the company can manage to rake in so much of funding, and how it plans to monetize with the site anyway. CEO Azeo Fables reveals that they are targeting the ‘A.D.D. generation’ which wants everything to happen quick and have no time for anything. That may e an over-generalization for I still know kids that read books for a couple of hours. He also targets 14 to 24 year olds who he suspects are most vulnerable to A.D.D. symptoms. I am not sure what Mr. Fables qualifications in psychology are, but he did manage to hold my attention for about 15 minutes.

Usually, I find it difficult to concentrate on anything more than 3 minutes. Once you type your short text, you can process and translate text to random videos and share with your friends, or save them in your account for future entertainment. I do not understand the business model really, and I am not sure how long the web app would float. However, I must say it intrigued me enough to take notice and write a blogpost. You could also take a look at the 6 Best Text Applications that might interest you.