Emo Han Solo Figurine Mod

George Lucas once described Han Solo as being “a loner […]” This figurine mod, made by Jon Paul Kaiser, shows how truly dark and depressing Han Solo’s life can totally be. When he’s completely alone and feels like the world is conspiring to keep him from being happy, Han Solo wears his Storm Trooper uniform. You know – the one he kept from that one time on the death star. If you’re having a hard time imagining this, this cool NOOP mod might give you a better idea.

NOOPs are humanoid vinyl toys made by COARSE; one of which comes with a shark-shaped crown.

Artist Jon Paul Kaiser moded the figurine and turned the old shark-head piece into the multi-tentacled garbage squid , the Dianoga.

These NOOPs seem to have the potential of becoming the next blank face dolls like the Munny made by KidRobot. The best part is the possibility of using it as a blank canvas for your own creative expression.

Jon’s mod is particularly cool. It looks like plain black marker on white vinyl and the stylized effect like a three-dimensional manifestation of a Charles Burn’s comic, as if everything was made from a stencil. We never get to fully see a Dianoga in the Star Wars series except in the garbage compactor of the first Death Star where he almost drowns Luke so it’s nice to see that he hasn’t been completely forgotten.

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Via: Jonpaulkaiser