Virtuo SmartJuke by TouchTunes

Music has often been seen as an universal language, capable of uniting people across continents. Now it is taken to a new level with Virtuo SmartJuke, a product that has been recently launched by TouchTunes.

Jukeboxes used to be very popular at some point, but due to their complex interface, people lost interest in them. On classic jukeboxes, browsing through the song catalogs gets frustrating, as search criteria are not implemented very well. TouchTunes, one of the major interactive entertainment networks in North America, noticed these facts and decided to reinvent the jukebox, by creating a digital model, called Virtuo SmartJuke.

Virtuo SmartJuke by TouchTunes

According to Charles Goldstuck, CEO of TouchTunes Interactive Networks, “Virtuo is a ground-breaking device that will redefine entertainment and change the way media and content are consumed.” Not only its functionality is revolutionary, but also its design. Virtuo features a 26″ touchscreen that is slightly inclined. The trademark Play button is nicely integrated below the touchscreen. In the same area, users will find a slot for credit cards and one for bill collecting. Virtuo also comes with a camera that turns this jukebox into a photo booth instantly. Spotting Virtuo in a crowded bar or club is certainly not difficult, as it has ambient lights and a LED array that glows distinctly.

The interface of modern multimedia players changed the way users perceive browsing a media library. Virtuo SmartJuke makes use of multiple criteria for categorizing the multimedia content. For example, the songs can be selected depending on the genre, influences, year and even the region the song comes from. Searches based on keywords from song lyrics can also be done. Creating and editing custom playlists is also possible, fact that makes Virtuo even more attractive. Users are able to do this either onboard or by using their MyTouchTunes account in which they keep their favorite playlists.

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Via: Design Mind