12 Things That Look Like Darth Vader

Darth Vader is probably the most popular villain of all time and, as Star Wars is still a popular force, he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As a great example, we can see how his many followers keep seeing the Dark Sith Lord everywhere they go and in everyday items.
In this Star Wars collection we get to see how the Dark Side is truly a powerful thing, for some items truly look like Darth Vader and some much less. In the end though, I guess the Star Wars geeks will see what they want to, so what about you? Do the following look like Darth Vader or do you have other things you seen him as?

Darth Vader Projector

darth vader slide projector star wars

Image Source

While Star Wars has not been released as a 3D film just yet, this old, retro and evil looking slide projector could help with that with its dual lenses.

Darth Vader Pork Chop

darth vader pork chop star wars

Image Source

The Darth Vader pork chop is a great way for the Dark Side to get bloody and tasty at the same time.

Darth Vader Coffee Maker

darth vader coffee maker star wars

Image: Dorkly

The Darth Vader coffee maker will definitely help you get up in the morning, especially if you brew it with the Dark Side Coffee.

Darth Vader Cup Holder

darth vader cup holder star wars

Image Source

Used as an arm rest, a cup holder or to scare your children into remaining quiet on a long trip, the Darth Vader cup holder is an intricate part of this vehicle.

Darth Vader Ciroen HY

darth vader citroen hy star wars

Image: Vvork and Nick

The Citroen HY was released in the 50’s and looked slightly like Darth Vader even before the Saga was born, and with additional modification by Nick Bötticher, it definitely looks like the Sith Lord.

Darth Vader Jelly Fish

darth vader jelly fish star wars
Image Source

I wouldn’t want to swim anywhere next to the Darth Vader jellyfish, it probably would do more then just sting.

Darth Vader Monitor

darth vader white monitor star wars
Image: Fotograffia

Made with a monitor and some paint, the White Darth Vader looks like the Jedi version that would help the rebels defeat the Empire.

Darth Vader Tent

darth vade tent star wars
Image Source

Tell me one child who enjoy sleeping in the Darth Vader tent … besides Anakin Skywalker.

Darth Vader Fire Hydrants

darth vader fire hydrant star wars 1

Images: Extranoise, Pablo_psz

darth vader fire hydrant star wars 2

While the color may be completely different, Star Wars geeks have claimed these fire hydrants remind them of Darth Vader. I am not if I completely agree, because for me they kind of remind me of Jar Jar Binks. 😉

darth vader fire hydrant star wars 3

Darth Vader Buildings

darth vader building star wars

Image Source and Happy Wanderings

darth vader building valencia star wars

Definitely resembling some sort of robot or Empire employee, the Darth Vader building could be a great place for geeks to hang out in and have their light saber duels. The second looks a bit more like the helmet and was seen in Valencia, Spain.


Eddie Vader

darth vader eddie vader star wars

Image: Oded Babayoff

Could it be that the singer of Pearl Jam turned to the Dark Side and is now Eddie Vader?