Radical Epson S Concept by Industrial Designer Jack Yi

Concept is a word that many enthusiasts share a great love and simultaneous hate for. Concepts are such creative designs, crafted with the rawness and purity by a designer. They are beautiful in essence, which is why enthusiasts love them. On the flip side, enthusiasts hate concepts because the majority of them never make it past the drawing board, and those that do end up looking like a shell of their initial awesomeness. Nonetheless, concepts are still inspirational to look at and learn from.

I’m personally a big fan of regular, everyday items transformed into futuristic and sleek concepts. For example, I’m a fan of lamps and clocks and sofas that look irregularly futuristic, and I’m also a fan of black furniture. No, I’m not the designer behind Barney Stinson’s condo suite.

Epson S Overview

When I first laid eyes on the Epson S concept, I was stumped. It looked like a cross between a drawing board and a scanner, and after a closer inspection I decided it was most likely the latter. What really surprised me was the sleekness of the design. It is made of a very shiny material, which gives it a very classy vibe.

Epson S Specs

The thinness of the design makes the Epson S concept look very modern, and even advanced. However, the thinness also makes it look a bit frail, something like the initial reaction to the introduction of the Macbook Air. It looks like it could be snapped in half without much of a problem!

Epson S Schematic

The Epson S is a square, very sharp and sleek scanner. Sitting at a projected 8.63 inches in length and width, it is much more conservative in terms of space than its predecessors. I still have my old beige Agfa scanner right near my desk, and this Epson S puts it right to shame. The Epson S concept also somewhat resembles the current Epson line of scanners, such as the V30. Although the shapes are very different, the colors are very similar and the materials seem to be similar as well.

Epson S Concept Draft

Jack Yi is an industrial designer who focuses on ‘humanizing & simplifying technology products’. He certainly seems to have done that during his creation of the Epson S concept.

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Via: Industrial Design Served