Nike Introduces Health Watch Featuring GPS

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the largest consumer technology show of its kinds, Nike introduced a Sports Watch that comes with GPS tracking. It is called Nike+Sports Watch GPS and it works by controlling a Nike+ sensor that is lodged in the shoe. This sensor reports time, pace, distance and calories burned and heart rate. These are useful data that are all available on gym equipments these days, but when it comes to running in the open space- which some of us prefer, the average runner is at loss. For this reason, they sometimes end up exerting themselves too much or too little to meet their targets.

The shoe-based GPS sensor is super accurate and never misses a step while calculating the distance, regardless of the kind of terrain you are running on. Powered by TomTom technology, the pace and distance records are precise as well as absolutely perfect and not to be faulted under any circumstances. All the functions of the watch are carried out in the background, and the concentration of the runner is in no way affected. For instance, the backlight comes on with a single tap on the watch’s display screen. The same mechanism comes in use to keep count of the number of laps you have finished.

Many earnest runners and athletes will love this watch as it not only notifies you but also keep records that can be transferred and stored in your computer. The watch can be plugged onto your computer directly to make the data available. The watch’s battery also gets charged in this manner. To keep you more motivated and in pace with other like-minded runners and athletes, you could log on to the running community on There you can upload all the data from your Nike+SportsWatch GPS to map your run and share the routes with others. The USB dongle is built-in and can be withdrawn back into the body of the watch once you are done.

This product has already won two CES awards- one for innovation in the Health and Wellness Category and the other in the Personal Electronics Category. You can now pre-order it using the Nike Website. Time to grab one and start running!

This Nike watch explains how easy it is to keep track of your health. With gadgets such as Heart Rate Watch, Hand Fitness Trainer and Fitbit Tracker Fitness around, I am sure even the laziest of us will feel motivated to lose that extra pound!

Via: Electronista