A Joystick For Tablets! Huzzah!

Finally, we can stop smearing our tablets with finger prints! There is now the JOYSTICK-IT, a joystick attachment that can be placed appropriately to deliver more precise movements in those time wasting games such as Pac-Man. The people at Thinkgeek have introduced the world to this wonderful peripheral at the price of $24.99. No longer will our avatar be limited with the error presented by a fat and stubby thumb. No longer will a gamer be oppressed by a control pad UI that fails to recognize minor digit movements.

A lingering question is crawling at your minds in regards to how this liberating device works. It is quite simple, really. Most games on a tablet come with a user interface that has a control pad section on it in order to move your character around. This section of the screen is normally controlled by the touch of your fingers. What this JOYSTICK-IT does is safely adhere to that section of the screen and presses down on those controls for you while you play. The added movement accuracy delivered by the joystick not only allows for a much cleaner delivery while playing the game but also adds an old school arcade feel.

It’s a light weight construct as well that won’t add up to much space used or added weight in your tablet carrying case. No batteries or charging are required for this little aluminum gizmo and it can be repositioned to various sections of the glass screen without causing any harm. Questioning how often you’ll find yourself needing to use this item? This joystick works with thousands of games developed on the Android and Apple market as well as any other games that utilize touch screen display controls.

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