Most Reliable Error: The Error Alarm Clock

What do you do to ensure that you wake up every morning on time? A little bit late and you realize how big a blunder you have created, so big that it could lead to disturbing the schedule for the whole day. But how many of us like to wake up early every morning? I am sure that the majority of us would like to curl up in bed for longer hours but the time does not allow us.

The alarm clock bears a love–hate relationship with us. We are the ones to set it up every night. We very lovingly do so with the hope of getting up on time and hence set the start of a perfect day. The scene changes in the morning and the same device becomes so annoying. We wish that it never tinkled every morning and disturbed our lovely siesta. Along comes Error, the ‘little alarm clock that could’.

Error is not the conventional style alarm system but has very different looks. There are no numbers and no hands. All that it contains is a face which is very unusual for any alarm system. It has a face that resembles a speaker. That should give you some idea of how loud the sound could be. This little speaker tweeter functions differently as compared to other alarm clocks. Though it does not have arms and numbers to read the time, it is accurate in its job.

Error has been designed by Dutchman Niek de Kort. As a designer he has tried to blend together an angry and happy product to give outstanding results. Your phone or alarm clock might not be able to wake you up as efficiently as Error. It is true that the sound of Error might be too loud but it is worth the call of the hour. The sudden alarm might give everyone a start which could lead to some minor error but once the day starts on the right note the rest of it flows very smoothly.

The contrasting expressions of love-hate, and happy-angry led to the creation of this error box, Error. No matter how much you hate shaking yourself out of bed every morning there will be no more escapes. Error might lead you to making a couple of errors but once you are out of bed you will overcome your sleep and thank Error for making no error in waking you up.

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