DIY Bacon Alarm Clock

The Internet loves bacon, if you haven’t noticed already. I think bacon is actually mentioned in the TCP and IP protocols. The Internet also doesn’t seem to like waking up early. If you’re one of these people, why not build yourself a bacon alarm clock?

If you have an old toaster oven, a timer for Christmas tree lights, high temperature car engine paint, a pig key chain, and googly eyes, you’re all set to build this delicious wake-up machine.

Bacon Alarm Clock

Just unscrew the cover off the toaster oven and paint it with the engine paint after cleaning it with alcohol and lightly sanding it. Then paint the nose and the legs of the pig.

Then open the key chain and solder the cables to make extensions for the speakers, LED, and the switch. Then the instructions say to put the components wherever they will fit in the oven.

You’ll also have to modify the switch in order for this contraption to work, then stick the piggy eyes, ears, and nose onto the front of the oven. After that, you can set the timer when you go to bed to turn on and you can wake up to the delicious smell of bacon cooking and the pig squealing. (I know a lot of people don’t eat bacon for whatever reason. You’re prefectly free to put something else in there if you want. It might be better to actually put something that isn’t meat if it’s going to sit in there overnight without refrigeration. Bacon might be awesome, but food poisoning really sucks.)

This is another very cool DIY project. It combines a clever use of existing materials with the Internet’s favorite food.

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via: Instructables