Creepy E.T. Gas Mask

Most people will remember that lovable alien E.T. from Steven Spielberg’s hit movie of the same name, and remember him as being cute. However, when you really look back at the alien, it was actually pretty freaky looking.

ET Gas Mask

Bob Basset seems to have done just that and taken a good look at E.T.’s features to make it into one creepy gas mask. It reminds me of the Mike Myers mask from “Halloween” and how William Shatner’s face was used as a mold. When taken out of context and transformed into something we normally wouldn’t expect, the face takes on a different personality. If this was the face of E.T., the movie would have been a lot different. I could imagine the alien being a lot taller and carrying some kind of heavy artillery, looking to exterminate humans rather than just being left behind by his fellow aliens.

ET Gas Mask three quarter

The mask is made out of leather and features red goggles for the eyes. It’s secured with intricate laces on the back for a tight fit. The mouth and nostril holes aren’t very functional for attaching an actual breathing apparatus, but it gives the entire mask the appearance of a real gas mask. While people who have watched the movie might see the resemblance to the friendly alien, this mask, to others, might look more like an S&M mask than anything else. The leather, mouth covering and laces that can be tightened doesn’t really give off the gas mask appearance.

ET Gas Mask Side 2

One thing is for certain, when you wear this mask, people will definitely look at you and at “E.T.” a little differently. Now what they’ll be thinking is another matter entirely.

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ET Gas Mask three quarter 2

ET Gask Mask Side

ET Gas Mask Back

Via: Bob Basset