USS Voyager and Borg Cube Wedding Cakes

Few things in life are quite so magical as that special moment when two nerds fall in love. I’ve seen some geeky wedding cakes in my time, but this pair is definitely the grand prize winner. Geeks are Sexy reader Pamela sent in photos of these remarkable cakes, depicting the USS Voyager and a Borg cube.

Standing atop the Voyager cake are small figurines of Captain Kathryn Janeway and Chief Engineer B’elanna Torres. One of the reasons I always liked the Voyager series was that it featured lots of strong female characters, and these are two of the best. (As a matter of fact, Janeway is still the only female captain featured on the show to date. Looks like Starfleet is a little behind the times, especially considering the fact that it’s set so far in the future.)

The Borg cube cake is a bit more stylized, which is pretty much a given, owing to the irregular shape of the real thing. You can definitely tell exactly what it’s meant to be, though, and it looks delicious. If being assimilated meant floating around in a giant cube of wedding cake like that, I think I’d just sign up and save the Borg some trouble.

As a loyal Star Trek: TNG fan, I think I’d have had to choose the Enterprise and top it with a tiny Picard topper: “Cake it so!” (Yep, I said it. No apologies.) However, Voyager is a very tight second for my favorite series, so I still heartily endorse this idea of a geeky wedding cake.

Source: Geeks are Sexy