Sandra Durbin’s E.T. Really Takes the Cake

Cool cake designs are definitely the highlight at any child’s birthday party. I can remember going to parties where there were cakes made from pans shaped like Care Bears or Spider-Man, and of course there are those delightfully tacky Barbie dress cakes where you impale the dessert with your favorite fashion doll. This E.T. design, though, is easily the most impressive one I’ve ever seen.

Everyone’s favorite alien is made of crisped rice cereal and a special cake covering called fondant, which is sort of like a solid, pliable sheet of frosting. The cake artist, Sandra Durbin, dyed and molded the material carefully to capture the characteristic brown, wrinkly skin. More colored fondant was added to create the expressive blue eyes, and she crafted a party hat for the top of E.T.’s head.

The figure was then placed on a chocolate cake base filled with vanilla buttercream frosting and dulce de leche. And I thought my mom went all-out. Dulche de leche is pretty fancy for a four-year-old!

The cake itself  is frosted in metallic, silvery icing, and little pebbles and craters, likely molded out of more fondant, were added to simulate an alien planet. E.T. looks right at home sitting on top.

Sandra has created such a wonderful, detailed likeness of the pop culture icon. I would never think to have an E.T. cake, but I have to admit I’m pretty jealous of this Xander kid. Everything is perfect, from the kind, wrinkled face down to the squatty body and round, splayed toes. She even remembered to add a red, glowing tip to one of his fingers.


Images via: Flickr