E.T. Leather Mask Seems to Celebrate Human Fascination with Alien Life

Alien life has always fascinated us to no end, and ever since space exploration began, art and science have been dominated by expressions of what extraterrestrial life would be like.

This E.T. Leather Mask from the house of Bob Basset has a rather devious look, and it perhaps symbolizes the fear of unknown that is present in all of us.

The ‘alien’ as a concept has always symbolized the unknown, and potentially dangerous. That is perhaps why one sees more number of hostile E.T.s than agreeable ones. This particular mask here has a reddish hue, and the horns on the mask’s head remind you of the E.T. video game as well.

While one can’t be sure if the Leather E.T. Mask can be worn comfortably, it surely seems to command a lot of attention with its evil green eyes. Back in the 80s, E.T. was also a movie directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, but funnily this version has a friendly E.T. instead of a hostile one.

Hostile or not hostile, extra terrestrial beings have been a dominant part of the pop staple for the last several decades. Bob Basset’s leather mask seems to capture the spirit of all those people who have written, produced, designed and created art, media and products inspired by extra terrestrial life.

Bob Basset is headed by Petrov and his team of talented artists who create high-end pieces inspired by Steampunk culture, and sometimes science fiction. The art workshop uses stones, glass, leather, resin, metal and other material which in the end look slightly vintage, quite Steampunk, and definitely out of this world.

You could also take a look at other Bob Basset art pieces like the Dragon Handbag, Steampunk Teacher Mask and the amazing Virus Outbreak Mask. Until we actually encounter aliens, the fascination with extra-terrestrial life shall continue for many more generations, perhaps!