R2-D2 Wood Burner Stumbles In Product Research Phase

The things some people can do with the most mundane of objects are absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, in the case of this R2-D2 wood burner, finding new life after being reincarnated from a recycled gas bottle wasn’t without problems. Amazing, yes, but it’s all one big conundrum which stems from this gadget’s very nature.


For you see, people interested in metallic R2-D2 statues usually do not need to burn wood. And if they were to make a concession to their sci-fi passion, and to amateur art in general, and decided to heat their living quarters through the application of high temperatures to pulpy matter, they would quickly find out that such primitive skills require a certain talent.

In other words, most geeks trying to use a wood burner would probably set the house on fire. So this R2-D2 inspired device, I’m afraid, will either be underappreciated visually, or underused practically.

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