Evernote releases Windows Phone 7 App

The popular remember everything Evernote application is now available on the ever-mobile Windows Phone 7 OS.

Evernote on Windows 7 Phone

In keeping with its PC-friendliness, Evernote on Windows Phone 7 offers even more features than Apple (iPad/iPhone) counterparts, including the likes of adding recordings, pics, and geolocation tags to your notes. Oh, and don’t forget the ability to share them with your social media networks, or, well, Facebook anyway.

Evernote features four tabs on the Windows mobile app, including: Notes, Notebooks, Tags, and Recent Notes. Each of these are pretty much self-explanatory, with Notes allowing you to see all of your notes, Notebooks breaking up individual note subjects, Tags allowing you to sort notes by common tags, and, of course, the list of your most Recent Notes.

The most exciting thing here is the fact Evernote has brought camera/voice/geotagging to the mobile app, making it just as, if not more, convenient. PC/Mac software has infamously truncated  features when brought to mobile technologies as applications, so taking this into consideration, Evernote has included the bulk of the best features for your on-the-go note taking needs. It’s also pretty awesome that they’ve built the application natively for Windows Phone 7, because all of the pages have consistent use of Windows 7 button and the application bar to bring up option menu trees.

Adding photos and voice recordings to notes is as easy as  a tap to the camera or cassette  icon and attach or take a photograph to a note. To add a recording, tap the cassette icon.

Audio Tag Evernote

Geotagging is probably the most fun additive, however you’ll have to use Microsoft’s Bing Maps technology, which for most of us is very uncertain territory, unless you’ve already become one with your Windows 7 Phone. To do this you’ll have to change the Location settings so your phone can detect where you are and view notes on the map. Then it should be easy as zooming in and selecting the appropriated flags.

Evernote Mapping

The last and definitely most necessary feature we’re covering is, of course, sharing your notes via email and Facebook. Yes, social networking and email are a must when it comes to sharing memories these days, so it’s good to see Evernote has taking the initiative to add at least one necessary social networking tool to its list. Opening notes and simply tapping the “email” or “Facebook” icon in the application bar will allow you to share Evernotes (photos, write-ups, and possibly audio clips) to your friends. I guess we’ll just have to wait for Twitpic, Flickr and the rest of the gamut, but it’s definitely a start.

Like other Evernote software, you have an option to upgrade for more features, such as offline access to your notebooks and more storage, although there is limited availability of the same feature for free users. To check it out, search for “Evernote” in your Windows 7 Phone Marketplace.

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