Apple Tablet Design Set to Lead all Future Innovations

The era of PC dominance is long gone, as Apple’s tablet designs are set to dictate future innovations in consumer and home computing.

apple tablet design

According to sources, smart phones and tablet computers, both pioneered and made popular by Apple, are quickly becoming the new standard of computing technologies for people constantly on the go. Offering sleek, simple and clean designs that appeal to busy professionals and students alike, Apple’s innovative new products continue to distance themselves with the clunkier home PCs of old.

The touch screen design made famous by the iPhone and enhanced by the iPad is not only finding its way to just about every product that Apple designs, but also it’s competitors.

apple tablet innovation

Longtime computer manufacturers such as ASUS and HP have begun to jump on the bandwagon, offering tablet style PCs and netbooks. Cellular phone companies, such as Blackberry, have also entered into the fray with alternatives to Apple’s tablets that nevertheless bear bear the marks of similarity.

Statistically speaking, Apple has not only redefined the tablet computer market but also turned it into a thriving industry.

In it’s first year, 19.5 million iPads were sold, that being close to triple the rate of the iPhone during it’s infancy. Analysts are expecting that by 2015 an estimated 215 million tablets, both Apple and competing products, will be sold to consumers, with a yearly growth rate of 66 percent.

According to a recent survey, 20% of the people asked said that they expect to own a tablet within the next 12 months. Offering ultra portability, and everything that a PC can do and more, it wouldn’t be surprising if by next year that figure doubles.

In addition, Apple is currently the only manufacturer that will be offering cloud computing to consumers who own multiple products. With iCloud, customers will be able to share applications across numerous platforms, without having to purchase them multiple times, which will only be a further incentive to stick with Apple.