Opera Allows Bookmark Sync With Windows Phone 7

Finding the perfect way to get what might be a massive amount of bookmarks on the regular computers you use to your mobile devices can be a bit difficult at times.

While Windows 7 phones are still lagging behind a bit when it comes to outright demand for them, Microsoft isn’t giving up on keeping the basic model going strong.  It is even possible that should the new Windows 8 look make people a little more used to the look and feel of the Windows 7 phones (which is what Windows 8 is emulating).  Should Windows Phone 7 get a little more popular we can all credit Opera for being ahead of the curve in helping people sync their bookmarks to the Smartphones.

Of course there are some less fun and more time consuming ways to sync your bookmarks off of any browser and onto your phone, with the most prevalent being simply emailing a list of the bookmarks you have to yourself, opening that email on the Windows Phone and then manually setting each and every bookmark onto your phone.  Sound fun?  No?

The next best thing is a new feature from Opera called “Opera Link” that, while it won’t actually import your bookmarks into your phone, will allow you easy access to those bookmarks with the ability to view them in whatever folder you have them on your desktop.  Of course in order for this to work, you must also be using the desktop version of Opera.  In the desktop version you can either make all the bookmarks you want or import them from another browser.  If you choose to import, you never need to use Opera, if it’s not your favorite browser, other than for upkeep of your bookmarks.

On the Windows Phone 7 you should download an app known as “Opera Link for WP7.” Once you have downloaded the app, simply enter the credentials you used on the desktop version of Opera Link and you will have immediate access to your bookmarks.  This feature of course also means that you do not need to download the mobile Opera browser app if you are perfectly happy with the browser that comes with the phone.