Exoskeleton Arm x-Ar: Make Your Limb As Light As a Feather

It looks like nothing else but another hi-tech prosthesis or some sort of military exoskeleton. But this one is neither for the disabled nor for soldiers.

x-Ar is the first exoskeletal arm designed just as a help in manual tasks maintained continuously for long periods of time, according to its producer. When used it actually gives extra power to the user, something like superstrengh, because it makes the impression that the arm weighs much less. Actually it allows to work for a long time with your arms outstretched, which is often a vital ability for manual workers in factories.

Despite impressions it may bring x-Ar does not give you superstrength or do work for you. However it may bring a lot of help to asembly workers, scientists spending hours in their labs, or even to office workers (e.g. while typing). It’s possible to imagine x-Ar used in medicine during long surgeries too. Designers believe there is no other more precise and perfect tool than a “hand guided by the brain” so there is no need to mimic or replace it. The only thing we need, is more strength and stamina.

The device should be attached to person’s arm and then it allows full range of typical movement, but with less fatigue. It was designed by manufacturer Equipois, which is an American company based in Los Angeles, known for their mechanical arm using the same technology called zeroG. The technology was invented by Garrett Brown, the same person who is responsible for Steadicam system, a stabilizing mount for cameramen allowing taking of very smooth shots. It actually has the same purpose as x-Ar, assisting human hands in tasks that need lots of physical strength.

x-Ar was demonstrated last Monday,on the 21st of March, during Applied Ergonomics Conference in Orlando. The artificial arm assistance will be available for purchase in June. Though you shouldn’t expect the price to be anywhere near affordable…

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via: Equipois Inc and PopSci.