Transformers Robot Suit Made By American Idol Contestant

Drew Beaumier is probably best known for walking into his American Idol audition this season wearing a workable Transformers costume. While, the wanna-be Autobot didn’t exactly blow any of the judges away with his rendition of the song “Born To Be Wild” (he “transformed” into a car for the actual singing part, and then stumbled over some lyrics), he remained in our consciousness for his cooky costume, sincere “posing” and triumphant walk-of-shame. You can watch the video here:

Anyway, average singing aside, the costume was really the highlight of the audition and lately, he’s been appearing in the news for his practical design. In an interview, we learned that he was inspired to develop the costume after seeing an advertisement for a Power Wheels car.

He Mcguyvered the outfit using a box of tools and odds and bits from Walmart. The truly innovative aspect of the design is the usable wheels he attached to his legs and arms; so that when he crouches over, he can literally roll down the streets.

So, this is the latest video that’s surfaced on YouTube that shows Drew awkwardly shuffling around and showing-off his costume to what sounds like mediocre street music. It’s hard to tell if the people standing around are trying to catch a glimpse of the Power Wheel suit of armor or grooving to the band.  At 44 seconds, the cameraman finally pans to the band so that you can finally see the gangly host of the television show UH-OH wailing away into a mike, trying to get something off his shoe.

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Via: Metro