TechnoGym Launches F1 Training Machine for Champs

If you are a Formula 1 fan, you will know how difficult it is to drive those racing cars under extreme duress.


A racer needs to be physically robust and fit in order to be able to handle F1 challenges. With that in mind, TechnoGym has launched F1 Training Machine that combines G-Force with vibrations. Athletes can train in realistic conditions and the high-impact stress that is produced during racing conditions on the neck and arms can be dealt with appropriate training.

The head and helmet need to be supported under extreme conditions of stress and athletes can get used to these conditions while training. It is designed to work on shoulders, chest and arms making it an exclusive training machine that is designed for F1 championships. Targeted training of muscle groups is crucial for F1 champs and this machine only helps one to do it.



The machine comes with a unique elastic force that helps athletes to train in different directions, totally numbering 4. Angular resistance that is similar to deceleration and acceleration of a racing car is simulated so that the driver can train appropriate muscles. With a load of 25 kilograms, it also allows for forearm training which is important during steering as strong vibrations are caused during a race. This machine can be an awesome tool for anyone who wants to master their racing skills and train for being an F1 champ.

You might also want to take a look at the Ferrari Formula Rossa Roller Coaster that we had featured sometime ago. It reaches 0-60 MPH i just 2 seconds and is a hell of a ride. It is not clear how much TechnoGym’s F1 Training Machine costs and how one could purchase it. You can always contact TechnoGym for further details, if you have the moolah to purchase it.