Google Glass to Feature Twitter App, More Apps in the Works

Google Glass is controlled almost entirely by voice and now, an official Twitter app is in the works, allowing you to share your verbal musings with the world.

Google Glass image 2

As far as sound based Twitter puns involving ‘tweeting’ and ‘chirping’ go, those poor jokes are a handful a dozen. ‘Tweet your thoughts to the web’ has always been the very core idea that Twitter was built on. Humans may not be birds but when it comes to being opinionated on the Internet, we can sure make a lot of noise. Reiterating that very same point that shot Twitter to Internet fame so many years ago, is the new and very much official Twitter app for Google’s upcoming wonder tech, Google Glass, which could potentially allow us to tweet via voice.

It’s been available for a top tier of individuals and a number of well cash stacked members of the public for a few weeks now (a testing version will set you back around $2000), with Google giving out Glass devices to a select few who want to test the product out and it’s some of these elite testers who actually revealed the app by accident.

Google Glass Twitter image

With the signature “Twitter for Glass” underneath a tweet that was published by one user, ‘Shivster Muddler’ (as you can see in the image above). While the exact details of how they published the tweet, and of course the photo that was included with it, are only known to the few others who have managed the same feat, it’s likely that using Glass’ camera capabilities and a simple voice command of ‘post to twitter’ that Yang’s photography skills were revealed to the world.

It’s also important to note that Twitter’s API rules specifically say that third-party developers are strictly prohibited from using the word ‘Twitter’ in their projects (hence why it’s TweetDeck not TwitterDeck and HootSuite not TwitterSuite), so that ‘Twitter for Glass’ signature means that the app is very much official.

What this also means is that if Twitter have already gotten their birdy beaks all over Glass and that their app will seemingly be ready to go on Google Glass launch day, there’s absolutely no doubt that there are a several few other social media apps for the device in the works too. While we’ll have to wait for the official announcements, it’s very likely that we’ll soon see Facebook for Glass and even Gmail for Glass too.

Source : engadget

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