Facebook changes the way it tallies “likes”

In an attempt to stop the manipulation of “likes”, Facebook is switching around some code which regulates how the system tallies them.


Facebook likes are about to get an overhaul, at least when it comes to pages for celebrities or business. The website claims new measures will stop tallying ‘likes’  from people who have died or deactivated the accounts as to prevent manipulation, considering part of their algorithm for picking users tailored to each user is based on them. These new numbers will help accuracy and give advertisers and promoters a better understanding of a page’s audience.

Now we have to test Facebook and see if the quality of posts improves or not, as this is far from the first time the social media giant toys around with newsfeeds and the way we get our stories – sometimes, despite liking a webpage users won’t be seeing the content on these on their newsfeed. Facebook’s previous effort had been aimed to remove click-bait titles and stories as they felt like advertising to many members of its userbase.

On the otherhand, what this means is that paying Facebook to advertise becomes more and more of a necessity if a page means to stay afloat by providing new tools like video, or the touted “buy” button. Whether it is a good change or not, we’ll see in time.

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