Facebook will add location-based suggestions to news feeds

Because stagnation means death, Facebook is trying new ways to interact with their users,now suggesting spots based on user locations.

Facebook location suggestions

Facebook is adding a new feature: the use of your phone’s location services to recommend places you could enjoy visiting. This new feature was announced las Thursday, and the company is calling it “Place Tips”. It uses not only your location, but also that of users in your friend list that have been there before, to the point of using their posts and pictures along with the recommendation. This is merely an optional feature, and users have to agree and give Facebook permission before location data can be accessed. As Facebook explained on a blog post, “place tips will show you fun, useful and relevant info about the place you’re at”.

With this move Facebook will start competing with Yelp & Foursquare, the biggest websites when it comes to social recommendations, food and night life. Your phone might even show popular menu items, or your friend’s favorite dishes if they happened to mention it on social media before. As of now, this feature only works in the New York City area via Wi-Fi and GPS, but it’s expected it will expand and grow in time.


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