“Dislike Button” Scam Sweeps Across Facebook

A scam message claiming that developers implemented a new “dislike” button recently swept across Facebook, affected an unknown number of user accounts.

facebook dislike button scam

Masquerading as a legitimate update for the social network, requiring approval before activation, the message, once clicked, is then passed on to all of the users friends, who receive along with it the endearing commentary that “I just got the dislike button, so now I can dislike all of your dumb posts lol!!!” With their friend’s name attached to the message, the scam propagates the deception and is then accepted and passed on to all of that user’s contacts and so forth.

dislike button scam

Unlike most previous scams on Facebook, which were hardly more than publicity stunts or misleading news articles, designed primarily to dupe those gullible or careless enough into believing them, this scam actively installed malicious javascript code on to the machines of the users who passed on the scam. While the scam was shut down before causing any serious damage, users affected received prompts to participate in online surveys which were in reality phishing scams.

Falling under the category of a “viral” scam, one which seems to multiply as people pass it on amongst each other, the exact number of people affected by the scam hasn’t been revealed, though it would be safe to assume that more than a few people fell prey to the rather enticing possibility of being able to dislike all their friends “dumb posts” as the message claims.

The question of an actual dislike button is something that many users wonder about. There are numerous group pages advocating for a dislike button, or at the very least something more negative than “unlike”. As enticing as it is, Facebook is hardly likely to grant anyone’s wish by adding a dislike button. One can only imagine the uproar it would cause amongst advertisers to suddenly see their paid ads become the victim of “dislikes” or for unpopular students to sudden find their posts being spammed in the same manner.

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Via: TG Daily