A Wooden Dock for Your iPhone Clock

Looking for new ways to jazz up your iPhone? iPhone accessories do come in a variety of styles, and this wooden dock gives your high tech gadget a classy retro feel. So if you like waking up to a snazzy looking alarm clock, then this chunk of wood is the perfect one for you.

Iphone wood dock

Sold on Areaware, this wooden iPhone dock also doubles as a charging station. When your iPhone is in idle mode, you can set it on clock display. The look is reminiscent of digital radio alarm clocks of yesteryear, minus the dials and buttons. This iPhone accessory is great as a bedside companion, especially if your bedroom has warm and earthy tones.

Iphone wood dock 2

However, sources say that this iPhone wooden dock can be a little impractical. For starters, it costs about $40, so it is a little pricey for a wooden block. The body of the dock has no other function besides holding the iPhone and charging it. Even the grilles on the topside are just for aesthetic purposes, not to be mistaken for speakers.

No matter how you put it, your iPhone stationed on this dock becomes eye-candy. On another note, the wooden iPhone dock not only complements your precious gadget, but also advocates going green. Most gadget lovers today like their devices to be made of eco-friendly materials, just like John Roth’s felt mouse. Such items are pleasing to look at, plus they don’t contain toxic substances that can harm human health or the environment.

For other interesting iPhone accessories made from wood, you can read this feature on real wood dB iPhone cases, where you can find shades like walnut, cherry, mahogany, and more.  Another eco-friendly housing for your iPhone can be in the form of these custom wood iPhone cases from Knock on Wood.

Via: Tree Hugger