Croatian Facebook Flavored Ice Cream

Thought that social networks are tasteless? Two ice cream makers from Croatian island Murter think otherwise, as they’ve just started selling a product that tastes like Facebook… or so they say.

Admir and Ibi Adil, two brothers from Tisno, a city on Croatia’s Murter island decided to create and sell a variety of ice cream that tastes like the most famous social network out there. The product is currently on sale at the Valentino Ice Cream Shop on that island, and one scoop will cost you the equivalent of €1. Mark Zuckerberg most probably didn’t know about this ice cream before the media wrote about it, but now that it’s public, he’s probably going to sue the two ice cream makers, just how any young billionaire who respects himself would do. Why would anyone do that? That’s quite simple! The two brothers made use of the trademark without first contacting the social network. Ironically enough, they also posted pictures of the Facebook ice cream on… Facebook.

One of the brothers, Admir, came up with the idea of creating a Facebook flavored ice cream after seeing his 15 year-old daughter checking her Facebook page over and over again. Moral of the story? Don’t have enough Facebook in your life? Maybe you should try the Facebook flavored ice cream, too! You can quote me on that.

The recipe is quite simple, so you don’t have to go to Croatia if you want to taste this. The two brothers added blue syrup atop vanilla ice cream and placed a tiny flag with the Facebook logo on top of everything. If you ask me, they didn’t get the right shade of blue there, as it looks more like a Twitter ice cream to me. As far as the taste goes, the one who have tried this ice cream claim that it is a mix of chewing gum and sugary sweets. One thing is certain, this type of ice cream is a hit among the passersby.

Additional information and photos are available on the Facebook page of the Valentino Ice Cream Shop. Some of the ice creams pictured there look pretty ridiculous, so I guess that no one buys just one scoop. Anyway, I’m curious to see what other interesting ice cream flavors people will come up with.

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