Like Light Shines On Ad Agency’s Engineering Prowess

Since Facebook decided to share Graphic API data from its infamous “Like” button to marketers, a clever developer, Matt Reed, who works for the Redpepper ad agency has taken Facebook and Lego adoration to a new level with the Like Light.

Like Light

Starting with Lego’s DESIGNbyME application, Reed filmed himself designing an quite apropos pixelized totem of the Like button, building said Lego totem upon delivery, installing the four LEDs and an Arduino motherboard (Arduino allows for open-source programming to influence the light, as well as connect to the Internet to send/receive data), writing the Arduino script, and finally showing off the Like Light in action. Check out the fun below.

The delightful project came to pretty amazing results, making Like Light…well, light up, every single time someone “liked” something on Redpepper’s page. Amazing, right? While the value of the light is obviously more novelty than purpose, it’s interesting to see more open source applications used for creative technology. Plus, who doesn’t love Legos or pixeled versions of icons?

If you’d like to see more on how Reed put this light together, he offers a link to download the Arduino script here alfaceong with one to the lego model here, although apparently it could use some reinforcement work.

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Via: Red Pepper